domenica 21 giugno 2009

||| GIGS IN JULY |||

Come to say hello if you are around!

july 10 in Senigallia at Zabumba
july 11 in Faella -Ar- at Ex Macelli
july 24 in Mestre at Rivolta (+ Squadra Omega)
july 25 in Casalpusterlengo -Lo- at Muzak Festival (+ Putiferio)

The 7" split with MOVIESTARJUNKIES is finally out!
Both the tracks have been recorded in a day in Itri at Brigastudio, the day after a show in the town's medieval castle...
This is funny a description taken from Ni**aville's website:
"Movie Star Junkies from Turin, Italy, continue with “Almost a god” their series of purely great blues-punk releases. After the acclaimed lp “Melville” (Voodoo Rhythm, 2008) they come back with this split appareance and if the lp was a dark and moody record with this song they bring us in even darker atmospheres. The tones are menacing and the trembling voice of Stefano brings us in a neverending groovy crescendo of dark choirs and saxophone screams that has no release and no light, neither at the end. The flip side has more light and eastern vibrations to bring, G.I.Joe are a bass and effected drums funk-punk unit, togheder from more than six years right now with “I balcani” they keep and get deeeper on the psychedelic, arabic and free vibes of their last lp “Cobra” (Troglosound, 2007). The song runs with a violence that leaves astonished and brings directly to east-Europe head banging meanwhile dancing to the rhytm of the tons of percussions, drum delays, echoes and balkanic reefs like if we were on a Belgrade’s discoteque"
Go to to check this out!

venerdì 2 gennaio 2009


That Fucking Tank (UK), GI Joe (Italy), Hiroshima Rocks Around (Italy)
3 bands worth of stripped down noise rock to dance and become deaf to.


Tue 20th The Freebutt, Brighton
Wed 21st The Junction, Bristol
Thu 22nd The Chameleon, Nottingham
Fri 23rd The Barfly, Liverpool
Sat 24th The Countess of Rosse, Saltaire
Sun 25th The Harley Hotel, Sheffield
Mon 26th The Old Blue Last, Old St, London*

*Without That Fucking Tank